They are Watching You: The Evolution of AI in Public Spaces

Cameras are everywhere. They are always watching you. We know this. In the US, it seems every outburst is caught on video and shared via social media. Cell phone and CCTV cameras will catch almost every move made in public. This is not just a US phenomenon, nor is it only unknowing civilians that are involuntarily recorded as videos of countless interactions with police and elected officials can attest. These cameras are so ubiquitous that there have even been attempts to use the fact that one will be recorded to help perpetrate a crime. When Jamil Khashoggi was allegedly (I think it is still only “allegedly”) murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, a government agent emerged from the consulate wearing the clothes of Mr. Khashoggi to tour various landmarks, apparently knowing that he would be recorded on the cities many cameras and proving that “Mr. Khashoggi” went missing after leaving the consulate in good health. 

Even doorbells have cameras in them. My kids shovel snow off my neighbor’s front walkway when he is away from home and he will text us with updates on how they are doing – he is watching them in real time from hundreds of miles away through his doorbell – I find this cool and disconcerting at the same time. The point is that we all have to get used to being recorded at all times because these cameras are not going away. Ever.


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