Top 5 Ways NOT to do Email Marketing

Effective email marketing can do wonders for your business, but you need to master the art. Here are five ways not to do it.


Adopting a Formal Tone


The best emails are conversational in tone. Remember it’s a one-to-one exchange, so use everyday language as you would to a friend or an acquaintance. Nobody wants to speak to a corporation.


Using Complex Verb Structures


Avoid complex structures and instead use ‘action verbs’.

Don’t say: ‘It would be great if you considered booking a consultation at some point’

Do say: ‘Book a consultation today.’


Emails With no Passion


Sales is basically transferring your enthusiasm for your product or service to the client. If you don’t care, it will show in your writing, and that lack of passion will transfer on to your client.


Addressing a group rather than an individual


Never write to a group, always write to individuals.. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when writing to a big subscriber list. If a business has a subscriber list of 10,000 people they think they have to address a crowd of 10,000. Don’t do this. All successful email campaigns talk to people as individuals.


Losing the reader


Subject lines, headlines, are of course crucial if you want people to click through to the main body of your email. But every line should read almost like a subject line, in that it grabs their attention and makes them want to go on to the next line. If you lose their attention, they won’t be buying what you’re selling.
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