Urgency is no Gimmick-Use it

Many companies use urgency nefariously by creating artificial scarcity and setting arbitrary time limits. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Used correctly, urgency can make everything better, simpler.

For example, if you want to do a live training series, set a limit of 10 people and a deadline; because people need the urgency to act. A live event is no gimmick, potential clients can see you in action, they can ask you questions. The fact that it has a set time, where people have to follow a Zoom link gives it a natural sense of urgency. Also, no one expects you to do them all the time, so there is also genuine scarcity.

Another way to create urgency is to go where people are. When they log in they go to a specific landing page to do something; create a mini-landing page to alert them of other services or educational materials. If you have an ebook on 404(c) compliance, put in a simple call to action: buy my book or download here.

You can create separate pages and drive leads there; but it is also a good idea to go where people visit you and do a mini landing page, this applies even to existing customers. You never know what other services they might want from you.

If you already have people on a certain page, give them more of your education, build more credibility, more authority. Offer more services and don’t be afraid to upsell. 


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