What Does it Take to Become a Successful Digital Marketing Fiduciary?

The fiduciary standard is centered around serving the best interest of investors. In a recent post we have discussed how to explain fiduciary responsibility to a potential client or prospects. It is important to remember that actions and results will speak volumes in relation to simply “saying” you’re a fiduciary. This includes being able to market and showcase yourself as someone who will do everything they can to act in the best interest of your clientele. With the constantly evolving technology, every advisor must ask themselves, how does one become a successful digital marketing fiduciary.

According to an article in ThinkAdvisor, “The bigger reason it’s important to act as a marketing fiduciary is that the most open approach is the best approach. Marketing should build trust and demonstrate that a firm is an expert in the field of financial advice, and that reputation is difficult to establish when the focus is on yourself, and all your expertise is hidden in emails, phone conversations, and physical handouts given during a meeting.” That is why advisors need to go “door to door” in the digital world in order to relay a true understanding of who a fiduciary is to investors.

Give Them What They Want

Since an expert digital marketing fiduciary will always look for ways to act in the best interest of the client, then subsequently the content one selects will be in the best of interest to a perspective client. Based on recent research from google trends your clients are searching for the following:

  • What is bitcoin
  • When to start saving for retirement
  • How to pay for college Tuition
  • How to create a budget plan
  • Divorce alimony
  • Best stock to invest in right now


These are just a few examples but Im sure you get the idea. Creating valuable information from tending and most searched topics to fit the needs of potential clients will not only establish you as a competent and well educated expert but it will also build trust with existing clients.

Write it and Make it Presentable

Once you have selected a topic and that you think will attract a large audience(or a narrow one, depending on your goals) you need to embellish it. If you have trouble getting a good title you can always use some help online. There are many tools that can give you some ideas on how to create a catchy title. See one example below:

Creating the article itself can seem intimidating at first. However, just like most things in life if you do some planning then in time it will become second nature. Don’t be afraid to seek professional writing help or at the very least explore different financial advisor blogs  already flourishing on the web to get ideas and create your own unique style that will be of interest to your clients. To help you even more in this portion of the process you can always listen to advice from experts in the field:

So how will writing a blog make you seem that you are acting in the best interest? Simple. Because blogs are free for the audience and open to the public, on many levels, it is an act of giving. It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and worldview into a piece of writing on one or several topics that is relevant to a potential or current client and you end up offering it for free to people who want to read it. 

Share Your Content Like a True Fiduciary

Sharing your content is a way to get your voice heard. When you go in person to certain social events to attract certain a certain clients you should do the same online. Be sure you join and share your blog post to groups(on facebook or linked in) where the topic is relevant. You can also try such forum or question based platforms such as Reddit or Quora. Here are some examples:

Subreddit: r/portfolios/

Quora: When should I start saving for retirement?

If you are looking to share content with existing clients to retain a level of trust, then your focus should be on newsletter campaigns, but remember to keep self promotion to a minimum and let your expertise shine through your blog content. This can also work for prospects as you can grow your list with a signup form and then send out the newsletter which will keep you in the back of their mind and perhaps one or two articles away from making them your clients.

Try More than Writing

Your blogging should never be limited to just text posts. As a fiduciary you need to always adjust to the client and digital marketing is no different. Showing versatility in how you present your information will undoubtedly expand your audience. This includes doing a audio or video podcast, hosting a live webinar in a specific niche ( referring to our list of trending topics, you can do a series of webinar on how to pay for college tuition or talk about stock market trends on a weekly podcast). Creating an infographic or a meme image will also attract attention and let your potential clients see how you can present valuable information in different settings.

Finally, if you want real results, the more blog posts, the better. According to HubSpot, firms that publish more than 16 blog posts per month received about 4.5 times more leads (not just traffic) than those publishing one to four monthly posts. Consistency such as doing a blog series or several posts about one topic will also show that you are acting in the best interest by constantly expaning and adding to your initial advice. Whichever particular promotional direction you choose to go with, be sure to transpose the fiduciary approach into your digital marketing strategy in order to truly become a successful digital marketing fiduciary.


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