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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Case Study: What is Wealth Crash Test and How it can Help You

Case Study: What is Wealth Crash Test and How it can Help You
  1. The Ask
  2. The Problem
  3. The Solution…

The Ask


Our client can reach out directly to thousands of HNWI leads using our POW 2.0 tool. They can even create a risk diagnostic report on the lead’s 401(k) plan using our Portfolio Crash Tester. But, they want to be able to reach out to these leads with even more of a hook. Sure, giving them some relevant info on the risk of their plan is definitely attention-grabbing, but how can they take it a step further and give these prospects a “call-to-action”? A not-so well-known feature of the Portfolio Crash Test may be able to help with just that.


The Problem


After sending a prospect a risk report on their actual 401(k) plan’s holdings, the next logical step is to get send them an even more direct message and get a conversation going about their own individual accounts. How can you easily get a hold of this info all in a single email or LinkedIn message? You need to send both the message and the hook quickly and short enough so that your prospect doesn’t lose interest and can get going right away.


The Solution…


Using the Wealth Crash Test feature of our Portfolio Crash Testing tool is just the solution for this problem. You can invite any individual to sign up and enter in their own account holdings for a preview of their Crash Rating all in a single hyperlink. Any prospect that follows the link will be greeted with our Wealth Crash Test home page:



Here they’ll have the opportunity to sign up and then easily enter in their own portfolio. After they’ve added it in, they will have a preview of their portfolio risk, including a Crash Rating and a few of our stress tests.



The best part of all this, is that you are able to track their progress using the Wealth Crash Test every step of the way. From when they register to when they finish adding their accounts, you’ll get notification emails and be able to view it all from the Portfolio Crash Tester’s menu. From here, you can easily start the conversation about their own individual portfolio risk and even get a risk tolerance score for them. Essentially, most of the heavy lifting for getting the discussion started with these prospects is already taken care of.

Find out more about our Wealth Crash Test and how to get set up today by scheduling a free Portfolio Crash Test demo: 


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