What Makes the “Category” Marketing Quiz so Compelling?

  1. It’s a quiz not a survey
  2. Everyone loves to fit into a category
  3. Personalized outcomes = better marketing
  4. We’re here to help

If you have a social media account – especially with connections to teenagers – then you have probably seen a category quiz without realizing it. How does your personality match a Disney character, entrepreneur, or tv show character? They may seem like idiotic questions but don’t be fooled by the topic of the quiz. The fact of the matter is that these quizzes receive thousands sometimes millions of responses because they rely on time tested psychological marketing techniques. 

I don’t know of any survey that can do that. 


It’s a quiz not a survey


It is important to remember that marketing quizzes are unconventionally NOT a survey. Surveys are boring almost by their very nature and voluntary. Everyone’s eyes glaze over when requested to complete a survey. But, quiz marketing uses powerful intrinsic psychological tricks to pull people into your marketing stream to receive your offer. The Category Quiz is just one of the essential types of marketing quizzes advisors, or anyone can use to convert high-quality leads while simultaneously learn about their target market. 


Read about why Quiz Marketing should be a part of your next marketing push. 


Category quizzes extend beyond Facebook and are deployed by Fortune 500 corporations. Don’t believe me? Many people display their Meyers Briggs Personality Test result or the DISC Assessment on their resumes because many corporations build their workforces to create maximum synergy between people. 


Obviously, quiz marketing provides value that is different than any psychological test but provides value to the quiz taker, nonetheless. Blue Bottle Coffee, for example, uses a marketing quiz to evaluate their potential customer’s taste profile before delivering the perfect coffee to match their palette. The company, though, gains loads of information on their customer – even if they don’t make a purchase. From managing their inventory to scheduling new flavor launches, they can tailor their advertising to maximize the impact of marketing. 


Blue Bottle Coffee uses a genius category type quiz funnel to convert their leads into customers.

Blue Bottle Coffee uses a genius category type marketing quiz to convert their leads into customers.


Everyone loves to fit into a category


There are dozens of personality testing options because we are conditioned to fit ourselves into a tribe. Our brains are masters of pattern recognition and we love to stroke our egos to fit into a select group or category and feel special while part of a group.  


A Category Marketing Quiz, though, is not about providing a psychological assessment for your leads. It’s a marketing quiz, after all. But you can benefit from the same innate need self-categorize or fall into a grade.  


Personalized outcomes = better marketing


Whereas the Killer Quiz Type I wrote about before capitalizes on people’s desire to avoid risk, a category quiz sorts people based on their similarity to a type or profile. The ideal marketing quiz has about 3-5 possible outcomes. Sometimes even a letter grade (A-F) can capture people’s interest because we all have years of primary education behind us. Each outcome, though, needs to have a unique landing page to deliver your value offer with the language most likely to convert that style of quiz taker into a contact. 


Read about the Killer quiz marketing type that captures leads based on risk aversion. 


The personalized landing page written to target each category of quiz taker is one of the key success points in a marketing quiz. But it is only successful if your quiz (7-12 questions) follows the same time-tested, story arc process. in which the quiz identifies the quiz taker’s problem and delivers your solution in the language they are most willing to receive.  


Some financially services category headlines may look like: 

  • Which 401k management style is right for you? 
  • What is your ideal advisor temperament? 
  • What is your perfect retirement style? Take the Quiz to find out!


They often use words in their headlines like:

  • Type
  • Personality
  • Profile
  • Strength
  • Trigger
  • Driver


A Category Marketing Quiz has questions that follow the same idea as all quizzes.  

  • Attract your customer to your quiz with well placed and direct headlines (Early questions should have easy answers to build momentum)
  • Diagnose your customer’s problem while learning about their tastes and preferences
  • Prescribe your solution to the quiz taker’s problem with a personalized landing page based on their responses to the diagnosis questions


We’re here to help


Marketing Quizzes are simple marketing tools but building them can be a bit tricky. You’re not alone, though and we love to help. So, If you have any questions about building one, then please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at clientsuccess@rixtrema.com


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