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Friday, September 24, 2021

Why a Well-Constructed “Elevator Speech” Is More Important Than You Think

With the start of the summer, many advisors are looking for ways to jump start their business for the second half of the year. The easiest way to end the year on a high note is to start getting creative. 

It is very important not to sound the same: 

“ I specialize in helping you prepare for a secure retirement.”
“ I help you increase the value of your portfolio while protecting against downside risk.”

The problem is…who DOESN’T try to help people prepare for retirement? Who DOESN’T try to avoid downside risk? Some people get a little more specific than this, but even then, it’s usually bland and uninteresting. 

How can someone ever hope to distinguish him/herself from the competition with these kinds of statements? 

It also doesn’t matter how skillful you are or how great your customer service is. If you look like everyone else, people will assume that you’re just like everyone 

Everyone needs an “elevator speech” right? That’s the quick description you give when someone asks you what you do for a living. You use it on the phone and you use it in person. What people rarely consider though is what the GOAL of the elevator speech really is. The goal is to get the prospect to say, “Oh really? Tell me more!” When you describe what you do for a living, does it inspire people to ask for more information? If you were an independently wealthy prospect, how would you react? 

Obviously, you can use this quick description (or “elevator speech”) not just at cocktail parties and networking events, but also in letters, phone calls and any other kind of communications with prospects. 

Of course, do not forget to have access to necessary, unique and/or new tools that you can utilize yourself and show the prospects that you are ahead of the curve. One such tool is Larkspur-Rixtrema’s Prospects of Wealth 2.0 and you can read more about it here: Prospects of Wealth 2.0 featured in “The Latest In Financial Advisor #FinTech for July 2018”

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