Why prospecting through social media is a must for financial advisors

We all know how important it is to upkeep prospecting techniques if we want to grow our business. The majority of advisors who became successful in the industry are able to do just that by staying focused and disciplined when it came down to building their practice. Along with the constantly evolving world of technology around us, prospecting has also come along way from the proven door to door salesmanship strategies all the way to the current social media advertising trends. While, it is always a challenge to keep up with the current trends, the payoff can be huge and worth the input.

For example, out of 500 million LinkedIn users only 0.2% who publishes an article. Now, if you think about a potential reach to the audience who can be your prospects through social medial such as LinkedIn, where amongst 500 million users  approximately 100 million are either senior-level influencers or decision makers, i.e., potential plan sponsors, administrators, and retirement committee members, then it becomes obvious that the online network needs to be a part of your prospecting process. Publishing content can be a challenge, but for the professional advisors who know a lot about the industry it can a fun and rewarding way to share their knowledge. The prospects who will see value in advice provided through your content, will be willing to connect with the advisor and eventually become a client down the road.

Social media is not the only way to grow your practice. Using other means of communication with the prospects like weekly newsletters, blogs or even one article sent through email on a regular basis can keep you and your firm on  top  in terms emails received by potential plan sponsors, administrators, and retirement committee members. (Be sure to read: The Dos and Don’ts of email marketing for financial advisors )If the content provided within your consistent emails keeps decision makers interested in it, they will look you up and reach out to you for advice. These are just a few examples how prospecting can empower one’s business through one of the more popular tools available to all.

You can read more about it here: https://www.401k-marketing.com/single-post/2018/08/01/Two-Strategies-to-Stay-Top-of-Mind-with-Plan-Sponsors 

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