Why quiz funnels should be a part of your next marketing campaign

Why Quiz Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Next Marketing Campaign

  1. What is Quiz Funnel? 
  2. How does a Quiz Marketing work?
  3. Here’s an example:
  4. Is quiz marketing like a Survey?
  5. Can Quiz Marketing work for RIAs and BDs?
  6. Quiz Marketing is successful for two main reasons
  7. Marketing solutions for 401k advisors and wealth managers

What is Quiz Marketing? 

They’re more than just those silly Disney character quizzes that kids take to procrastinate. 

The rapid adoption of quiz funnels is just one more example of how if you’re not innovating and experimenting with new marketing methods, then you’re falling behind. 

This article is just the quick first part of a more extended discussion about quiz funnels, but we all have to start somewhere. 

So let’s take a quick dive into it. 


How does Quiz Marketing work?


We talked with Abem Digital about how a company’s website is just one part of its online presence. Instead, a website should be a final value proposition and social media, quiz funnels, blog articles, podcasts, paid advertisements, etc. bring customers to your value proposition. 

Bring high quality leads to your quiz and showcase your product or service. You can think of them as a lead generation assessment, but quiz marketing is catchier. 

Listen to learn more about funnel marketing. 


Here’s an example:


You may recognize some companies’ names that completely disrupted their industry because they converted leads into customers on the back of a quiz funnel. 

One premier example comes with Warby Parker. Warby Parker turned the entrenched medical optometry industry upside down with a simple quiz to guide leads to a personalized product (Image 1): 

Image 1: Warby Parkers simple 8 question quiz funnel transformed an entrenched industry


Is quiz marketing like a Survey?


Uh. No. But I thought the same thing. My skepticism vanished when I saw how quiz marketing accomplishes multiple goals at once. It really is a marketing tool with a little downside because a business can gain a lot even without converting on the sale.  

Quiz Marketing is nothing like a survey for a few reasons:

  1. Surveys are boring and inherently benefit the surveyor more than the surveyee;
  2. (That’s why) nobody ever sold a product after asking them to complete a survey first; and
  3. quiz marketing work because they promise value before a value proposition or sales pitch.  


Can Quiz Marketing work for RIAs and BDs?


There isn’t a product or service that can’t be marketed better with a quiz funnel. It works because customers in every industry tend to be innately curious. After all, they’re all human. In my research, though, I found that financial advisory firms are not using quiz marketing.  

Everyone loves to learn more about their personality and preferences. An effective quiz funnel hooks potential customers because of this promise: self-discovery. A business then learns about its customers and can use the data to tune future marketing campaigns finely.   

Image 2: Charles Schwab’s Modern Wealth Quiz


Quiz Marketing is successful for two main reasons:


  1. Quiz marketing attract customers because it promises value without a commitment; and
  2. businesses learn about their customers even if they don’t make a purchase.

They can be used to:

  • Market a new service to a customer base;
  • Grow an email contact list; 
  • Learn about how a product resonates with a particular customer group; or 
  • All of the above and at the same time.  


Marketing solutions for 401k advisors and wealth managers


Clients dedicated to transforming their marketing methodology are already seeing results from using Larkspur Executive’s Customized Trackable Marketing Letters (CTML). After we saw clients get meetings and convert leads into clients, we developed a campaign program to make the marketing process even simpler for Advisors. 

To learn more about Larkspur Executive’s marketing capabilities click the banner below to schedule a quick 15-minute demonstration. 



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