Work Around The Gatekeeper. Why Not Work with them?

Sending out your first marketing emails is important, but it’s often not enough in itself. Releasing a campaign is one thing, but you also need to keep track of how many emails were read and when.

Remember that it’s worth emailing someone, and it’s always worth following up.

It’s widely believed that the best time to try and make an extra call is between Tuesday and Thursday; when you are most likely to contact the right person. They also have some time to start their work week on Monday and finish it on Friday.

Most often, when you call someone important, you will first talk to their secretary or assistant. This person is also known as a “gatekeeper”. His job is to protect the executive from unwanted salespeople or phone calls. Gatekeepers are often: registrars, secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants.

As much as we would like it, there is no certain formula to bypass the gatekeeper on the phone, but there are some tricks that will boost your success rate.


The steps for getting past gatekeepers when cold calling:


The main thing is not to let them identify you as a seller. This is the key to getting around them. Let’s have a look at a few ways you can make a good impression on the gatekeeper.

Be respectful and earn trust. 

The gatekeepers are just doing their job. It is important to respect their work and value their time. Tip – try to treat them the same way as a potential client. In a conversation with the gatekeeper, you can learn more about the company, which means you will have a chance to establish a connection. Also With Larkspur Executive, it’s easier than ever to get a sense of a potential client’s background and prepare for the call. This information will be enough to collect talking points and focus on the call.


Be honest


The purpose of your call is to discuss the decision with the decision maker, let them know about it.  Here is a small example of your conversation with the gatekeeper:

“You: Good afternoon, (prospect name) please. This is (your name)”

“GK: What’s this regarding?”

“You: We were supposed to talk about (your value proposition – could be related to the last email they opened) at 12:00.”

“GK: They’re currently on the phone now.”

You: “Ok, no problem. Do you happen to know when they’ll be available? I’m happy to hold.”


Be honest. Remember, you are only calling because you think you can help their company. Let GK know that you previously have been in touch with the prospect.


Don’t try to sell to the gatekeeper


Prepare an answer in case you will be asked – “What is it about?”. Your answer should not look like a publicity stunt. It is always a good idea to mention another contact person in the company with whom you have previously had contact. Try not to interrupt the conversation, but to get as much additional information as possible.


Call before or after business hours.


It may seem unusual, but you can also call your prospect before or after your regular working hours. It is also one of the effective ways to get pass the gatekeeper. Sometimes prospects can finish work later than usual.


Be friendly and speak with confidence.


It is important to remember that your voice tone matters. Be polite and relaxed when speaking. It is also not forbidden to chat a little, avoiding getting too personal. Keep professional boundaries in mind.


Prepare Open-Ended Questions


 One of the most important techniques is the technique of asking open-ended questions. Try to avoid questions that can be answered with “no”. Instead, stick with open-ended questions, such as:

«I help plan sponsors establish a financial wellness program that is individualized and looks at financial wellness from many angles. How is your company currently providing your participants with a financial wellness program?»


By employing these techniques, you will be one step closer to closing the deal. Spending 15-20 min a day try to improve your follow-up calls to make the most of your future client interactions. And the Larkspur Executive platform will help you to gather the necessary information and keep an eye on the follow-up progress.

So happy prospecting. And if you are not a client yet, sign up for a demo today and find out what all the fuss is about.

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