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Valeri Bishop

"Our firm can not only provide excellent plan governance but the cost sayings can be truly eye opening. Builds credibility with your strategic partners and enhances referrals. Also the support has been amazing when I have questions, response is outstanding!"

Robert G Fernandez

"I been using Larkspur Executive/Rixtrema for a while now, I especially like the new feature of the marketing letters, they are so easy to use, well written and have great information like the various ratings. The best part is I don’t have to put the letters together , just send them, This is a great way to leverage my time when prospecting. "

Corporate Retirement Director
Greg Hicks

“I wanted to give a recommendation to the group at Rixtrema! We’ve worked together adding a few personalized features to the web site and the service has been outstanding. The web site has allowed me to double my prospecting efforts.”

CFP®, CRPC® Vice President – Investments

According to advisors, CFOs are especially willing to talk because Larkspur Executive stunning reports are novel to them, they haven’t seen anything like it. There is still time for you to try LExe before more advisors adopt it and more plan sponsors see the reports.