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Saturday, September 25, 2021

How to Write Irresistable Emails That Must be Opened

How to write irresistable emails that must be opened
  1. When it comes to writing marketing emails, write fast.
  2. The secret is in the subject line.
  3. Pay attention to the first line of your email.
  4. Test your subject lines
  5. We’re here for you


When it comes to writing marketing emails, write fast.

Not only are many of us too busy for marketing, but we’ve not practiced copywriting. As we learned in talking to a premier copywriter, Jack Turk, the secret is writing fast. 

Writing fast keeps you from over-thinking your language. You remember the old acronym: KISS. Well, here’s a friendly reminder to Keep IT Simple, Stupid. 🙂 

Decision-makers already know that you’re trying to sell something and don’t want you to waste your time. So write fast but with clarity. Put the most important and relevant information first, but don’t forget to be authentic. Too often, we hide behind marketing language because we’re scared of showing our right sides – when that is what puts us ahead of the competition. 

Remember: You’re not selling just a service but you. 


The secret is in the subject line.


Some of the best subject lines do at least one of the following things: 

1. Show value: It doesn’t hurt to give something for free. Who doesn’t like free? Showing data, graphs, or 3rd party analysis can be easy ways to quickly generate trust and provide value. But, they have to open the email to see it! 


  • Free ebook: a step-by-step manual on how to bring your portfolio up to par
  • Free consultation: 
  • Case Study: The five risk factors putting most 401k plans at risk of litigation


2. Curiosity: Leading with interest is pretty straightforward. It summons prospects to open your emails because they want to find out what’s inside. 


3. Create FOMO: You’ve probably heard of FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. 


It’s what’s causing us to be chronically depressed by social media that presents the highlights of life all at once. Well, it’s a real thing, and when triggered, it can be irresistible because nobody wants to miss when something is significant! 

Don’t forget that what you’re selling is significant! So don’t hide it! You could be saving them from 

  • This is a major opportunity…
  • Ending Soon: Portfolio Analysis August is almost over.
  • We’re closing the doors…
  • Time’s running out…


4. Questions: Questions are similar to summoning curiosity because people subconsciously need to know the answer. But it’s more than just getting them to open because of psychological tricks. Questions also give them a preview of what’s in the email. 


  • How does my 3rd party analysis look?
  • Are you at risk of this litigation risk missed by 40% of all 401k plans?
  • Could your plan have a higher participation rate?


Pay attention to the first line of your email.


It is easy to focus exclusively on the subject line and ignore the opening line of your email. It is perhaps the most impactful statement of your whole email, but it often appears right next to your subject line in most email programs. 

Most likely, your targeted audience is using Outlook or Gmail as their email program. These emails put your subject line front and center, but they also show the first line of your email before opening it! Don’t waste it with the standard: “To whom it may concern.”


Test your subject lines


Not testing is a frequently missed opportunity for many marketers. It’s why our email marketing feature in Larkspur Executive notifies you when your recipient opens your email. 


Listen HERE To learn more about our automated marketing email tool.


Keep a log of your subject lines to have something to reference. Pay attention to the ones you don’t write but are inclined to open because they may lend some clues to crafting better copy. 

Pay attention to trends by looking for common words, formatting, length, punctuation, and delivery time. They will point you in the right direction of what areas of your marketing are worth your focus and fine-tuning. 

Test the idea of a subject line by contrasting it against something substantially different. 

Of course, not all of these marketing ideas will resonate with every email you send to a prospect. Consider four things before you send and as you monitor your open rate:


  1. Who the recipient is;
  2. their relationship to you;
  3. the timing and context your emails; and
  4. what is appropriate and what isn’t. 


We’re here for you


I’ll be the first to admit that marketing isn’t easy, but it is something we all have to do. Financial advisors cannot avoid competing with a crowded inbox. 

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