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FreeWhen the SEC knocks, how will you prove Reg BI compliance?Download the Guide!

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LE PRO & Platinum

Stay Calm & Sell Retirement Plans From Home


Take the pain out of RegBI with the most vetted solution on the market


Win over 85K+ audited plans with award winning savings models

Portfolio Crash Testing PRO

Become a Trusted Risk Management expert in volatile times

Larkspur Executive PRO & Platinum

Stay Calm & Sell Retirement Plans From Home

  • Sell From Home on Autopilot: LE PRO sends automated email campaigns to plan sponsors
  • High ROI Process: LE PRO does the job of a salesperson knowledgeable in qualified plans
  • Analyze & Win Any Plan Today: Detailed Intelligence on 850,000+ Retirement Plans
  • Reach Out To Decision Makers: Over 1.2 Million Plan Executives With Contact Info

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401kFiduciaryOptimizer moves the needle for advisors plan practice! Their success in getting appointments with CFOs stems from this simple fact. 401kFO uses sophisticated quant algorithms to optimize three things that get the response of a CFO:
  • Move the sales needle for your practice today!
  • Get appointments with CFOs with stunning math-based reports
  • Win over decision makers with cost and quality in one intuitive framework
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Significant Performance Improvements
  • Fiduciary Liability & Best Practices
According to advisors, CFOs are especially willing to talk because 401kFiduciaryOptimizer’s stunning reports are novel to them, they haven’t seen anything like it. There is still time for you to try 401kFO before more advisors adopt it and more plan sponsors see the reports.

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RegBi Optimizer

When SEC Knocks, How Will You Prove Compliance?

Cut Costs of Compliance Dramatically!

SEC estimates that it will cost $11,607 per advisor to comply with RegBI, we will help you comply for a fraction of that!

Reviewed by Top Securites Attorneys:

RegBIoptimizer is the only software reviewed by top securities law firm for compliance with Regulation Best Interest

Complete Solution for RegBI Compliance:

RegBIoptimizer helps with both RegBI disclosures and form CRS (those are different!)

Comply in Minutes:
Takes minutes to create reports proving you are acting in best interest of the client

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Portfolio Crash Testing PRO

When Volatility Comes – Do You Want Award Winning Risk Model On Your Side?

  • Assess Risk Capacity & Dampen Clients’ Mood Swings
  • Institutional Quality Stress Tests & Reverse Stress Testing to Elevate Your Conversation
  • Prospects of Wealth – Contact Data for Wealthy Individuals Along With 401(k) Plan Menus

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Alexander Pasquale

RiXtrema is by far the best product for RIAs who want to win retirement plan business. As one prospect put it ‘this is the best presentation they have ever seen’. Since we purchased the product in July we have well over 20 solid leads and some have already closed.

President of the Everest Consultants, LLC
Jim Duffy

"Using the 401kFiduciaryOptimizer to identify a local plan at potential risk, we secured a meeting with one of the company’s partners... The RiXtrema platform provides a compelling call-to-action for unsuspecting plan sponsors, enabling us to help them reduce future liability. This was just the first of many cases for which we intend to rely on the RiXtrema solution"

Managing Director at Park Avenue Strategies
Greg Hicks

“I wanted to give a recommendation to the group at Rixtrema! We’ve worked together adding a few personalized features to the web site and the service has been outstanding. The web site has allowed me to double my prospecting efforts.”

CRPC® Vice President – Investments
Robert G Fernandez

"I been using Larkspur Executive/Rixtrema for a while now, I especially like the new feature of the marketing letters, they are so easy to use, well written and have great information like the various ratings. The best part is I don’t have to put the letters together , just send them, This is a great way to leverage my time when prospecting."

Corporate Retirement Director
Valeri Bishop

"Our firm can not only provide excellent plan governance but the cost savings can be truly eye opening. Builds credibility with your strategic partners and enhances referrals. Also the support has been amazing when I have questions, response is outstanding!"

Peter Inverso

Managing money is not enough today - one needs to also manage risk and cash flows. Risk explains returns. To put it simply: With RiXtrema our firm can now structure portfolios in such a way as to locate, identify, and then determine the exact exposures to the risks our clients want - while avoiding those risks they don't want. RiXtrema has certainly revolutionized my practice!

CFP, Owner, Inverso Capital Management.
Tom Doherty

I have been reading a lot about the requirements on Advisors of all sizes to document their Fiduciary compliance. With my advisory practice, I do rollover workplace plans to low cost IRAs assuming the broader investment selections would outweigh any difference in expenses to my clients. In the increasing strict regulatory environment, I want to justify my intuition on Rollovers with a sound analysis. I realized that IRAFiduciaryOptimizer is ideal to cover that gap in my compliance documentation.

MBA, CFP, Owner of Half Moon Financial Planning LLC

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